Consolidating rotten wood

The chart below shows the depth of penetration in balsa beams of our CPES™ (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer™) and five nationally advertised products that claim to restore rot damaged wood.

We wanted to test the CPES against other epoxy products that are advertised to penetrate rotted wood or act as wood consolidants.

Many myths have built up concerning what this fungal decay is capable of doing, occasionally leading to the belief that the fungus is indestructible and that the whole of the building will have to be torn down.

The name dry rot is a misnomer since all wood destroying fungi requires water for germination, growth and survival.

When a tree is still alive water is its best friend, but after we turn that tree into lumber, water is the last thing it needs.

Then you have rotted wood and know the frustration and worries it can cause.

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