Lawyers intimidating judges

“This sends a message to insurers when you are disgruntled because of losses they themselves caused, you cannot retaliate against the opposing party’s lawyer,” Prince wrote.

Century’s local attorney, Marty Kravitz, said no decision has been made on whether to appeal. In 2009, bicyclist Ryan Pretner was hit by a truck driven by Michael Vasquez, owner of Blue Streak Auto Detailing. had a 0,000 cap to cover the truck as his personal vehicle.

The suit filed by John Murphy and his current wife claims Atlanta lawyer Millard Farmer used “conflictineering” to extort payments and force concessions by Murphy.

Farmer represented Murphy’s ex-wife in the child-custody battle.

As advisor, a lawyer provides a client with an informed understanding of the client's legal rights and obligations and explains their practical implications.

As advocate, a lawyer asserts the client's position under the rules of the adversary system.

[3] In addition to these representational functions, a lawyer may serve as a third-party neutral, a nonrepresentational role helping the parties to resolve a dispute or other matter.But Batten refused Murphy’s request to sanction Farmer for filing a motion to appoint a guardian ad litem for Murphy’s children in the civil RICO suit.Batten said he agreed with Farmer that Farmer’s motion for the guardian lacked supporting authority, but he declined to sanction Farmer at this time.On Thursday, a federal judge heard two hours of oral argument over the question of whether prosecutors’ accusations against two senior Boston City Hall aides are sufficient to warrant going forward with criminal extortion charges.City tourism director Kenneth Brissette and Intergovernmental Affairs director Timothy Sullivan – both appointed as senior aides by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, and both now suspended – have each been charged with extortion for allegedly using their influence to improperly pressure the organizers of the Boston Calling music festival to hire union labor. But the question before Judge Leo Sorokin in this week’s hearing was not one of guilt or innocence of the alleged criminal activity – but whether the very activity prosecutors describe would constitute criminal extortion in the first place.

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