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As prisons does not allow conjugal visits, Mr Swarez says that sex dolls are a simple alternative.

Describing the Channel 4 documentary about men living with sex dolls, Mr Swarez said: “I noticed that all of these men looked very happy and stress-free.“There are companies who manufacture these doll women and, if this idea is taken up, everyone who purchases one can send a photo of their loved one and have the company incorporate their features into the doll.“The trouble is, our prisons are full of young men filled with testosterone who would give their right arm for a bit of passion.“The frustration of this situation makes these young men restless and wanting to cause mischief.”Mr Swarez adds that silicon lovers could “help alleviate this ongoing problem,” and “de-stress the wings of every establishment the length and breadth of our nation”.

Google has created a new, super-intelligent robot — and it has provided answers to some of the questions that have troubled humans for centuries. and how i ’m not in the mood for a philosophical debate,” the robot said, when urged to discuss ethical questions.

Conversations are one of the most important and difficult tasks that artificial intelligence has to undertake. As well as asking factual and philosophical questions, the robot was also quizzed on its opinions.

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The robot speaks in an American accent and says sexual phrases such as 'I'm on for you all the time', 'nice and gentle' and 'now then, what's next?

But then the computer moved on to much tougher questions: Human: what is the purpose of life?

It was less philosophical in that regard, telling that “the fact that you have a child” is immoral and then refusing to engage with questions of philosophy.“i really like our discussion on morality and ethics ...

Each life-like silicon 'Real Doll' has customised genitalia and interchangeable faces.

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