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I think the Zumo for me is a given though, regardless of what can be done with my old 300. Buying a new device from Garmin, you will get free lifetime maps with it, namely City Navigator Southern Africa NT, currently version 2015.3This lifetime map is for the life of the unit, or until Garmin changes to new hardware/software/designs that your unit simply can't be used anymore.With the City Navigator maps you get Junction View, Lane Assist and Speed.Nokia Research Center has allowed an application interface directly to the accelerometer, allowing software to use the data from it.Nokia has released an application to demonstrate this.the 95 uses the network for gps and thats why you get charged data usage.

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pls help The Uk map is not as complete as Tom Tom Mobile You really need an address or Post Code. Stera, no it doesn't cost a cent to use the gps or the voice, the phone has its own satelite reciver unlike the n95.anyone of you who upgraded your phone firmware from version 3.1 to 3.8 please share your experiance.i want to update mine but affraid to lose all my essential applications such as route66 map and dictionary.Hi, how many of you have upgraded your phone to a Nokia 6110 Navigator?Does anyone have any coments, reviews etc on Route66 (the navigation software supplied with the phone)?

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