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A strong romantic connection coupled with a sexual relationship can be the most devastating when the faithful spouse discovers the affair.These relationships often start as friends or acquaintances and then slowly proceed into an emotional affair.Sitting in on the group, who meet weekly in a small conference room of a London hotel, I’m struck by the agonising weight of these people’s pain, and their dignified strength in facing it.It’s clear that an affair ploughs through a relationship like a tsunami, leaving untold wreckage in its wake. But then I lost two stone in two months and I totally shut down into myself.In fact, according to Boston College economist Donald Cox, poorer women are more likely to cheat than wealthy women.

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A model of restraint, you might think, but the national cheat-ometer screeched into life when other kinds of naughtiness came into play. Sixty-five percent of women reckon sex chats amount to infidelity compared to 49 percent of men.America today may seem more sexually relaxed than in the buttoned-down years immediately following World War II, yet pioneering research by Alfred Kinsey found that married men cheated at rates of around 50 percent.In 1953, Kinsey showed that 26 percent of married women had also been unfaithful.RFSU questioned 1,062 Swedes aged 15-65 about their sex habits for the survey. The intense emotional impact of the betrayal creates significant problems for most couples.

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