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She adds, "Thank you for all the adventures and here's to many more to come." To the man who has showed me more beautiful places in this past year than I have ever seen in my whole life. Thank you for all of the adventures and here's to many more 🌙 A post shared by Lili Reinhart (@lilireinhart) on Still, hope for the couple persisted, and this Instagram is pretty damning.

That seems like a pretty clear statement — they're dating, right?

So I wish them the best.” When pressed, he agreed that the two probably have a “special relationship” off-screen. “You just hear them talking to each other like they’ve been best friends for 20 years. It doesn’t sound like Skeet has all of the information either, but his testimony does confirm what we already knew: that Lili and Cole definitely share a special bond.

's Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have taken their on screen relationship into the real world as they're totally a couple now.

Granted, nothing has been confirmed yet, but the actors have each dropped subtle hints that something is happening both on and off screen.

(Their characters, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, are an item on the show.) Fans raised their eyebrows last week after a video of them secretly holding hands during an interview went viral, and now Reinhart's Instagram is causing some heart palpitations.

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Cole Sprouse who plays Jughead Jones on Netflix's Riverdale has finally addressed the rumours that he's dating his on-screen girlfriend, Lili Reinhart who plays Betty Cooper.Check it out for yourself, below: You get the gist: Many fans are taking this post as some sort of confirmation Reinhart and Sprouse are together—but unfortunately it's not.Reinhart simply wished Sprouse a happy birthday—nothing more, nothing less. Fans starting obsessing over rumours that they were together IRL after seeing a series of Instagram pics they were posting. but Cole has shut down rumours that they are together IRL.He told MTV News that he and Lili are "strictly in the friend zone." “Lili and I play characters who are dating, so just about any time she and I go out into the wilderness, it's ‘Oh my god!

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