Who is tebow dating now

Cons – If you screw her over she dedicate an entire album to it, that EVERYONE will hear. As a senior at Florida, Drewes took a photo with Tebow at a party and the internet took it from there. In the Internet’s version of ‘The Telephone Game,’ Lucy bares a striking resemblance to Miss Drewes and the Tebow connection was simply a case of mistaken identity.

Former cheerleader for the Oregon Ducks and now a Entertainment/Lifestyle reporter for FOX Sports in Arizona. She denied the tryst but didn’t help matters by doing a body paint spread donning Tebow’s number. Pros – People will constantly think you’re dating Erin Drewes.

Pros – She’ll let you hold her Grammys (and yes I meant the award).

She’s tall enough to get into those hard to reach places above doorways and kitchen cabinets.

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Although with some of the women that he has been rumored to be have been involved with romantically, we find it pretty hard to believe."He still hits her up, but she just can't deal with the sex thing. Tim Tebow, 28, and Olivia Culpo, 23, are dating and have been for about a month, E! This is the first known relationship for Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, since she and Nick Jonas, 23, broke up in the early summer after nearly two years together.The picture is that of something brewing between Nina and hunky NFL player, Tim Tebow.Well judging by the video clip, it appears that Dobrev is getting quite flirty with Tebow.

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